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Who are we?

We are an independent-group of developers with a mission of creating unique game experiences for players. Founded in the United Kingdom by Scott Foster with the goal of developing and publishing small titles for all to play. Fated.Quest is an umbrella name to unify work produced with Scott and other contributors involved and is not intended to become an independent studio.

Our aims and objectives

We have laid out our aims and objectives as a clear and achievable target for us to hit. It is vital to have a clear idea of who we are, what our values are and what we would like to achieve within the industry. This we express through our aims and objectives, through our work and with how we make decisions. Economics and education play a large role in the decision process for our place in the industry and as such these feature into our aims and objectives.


  • To produce quality games for a wide variety of audiences to enjoy
  • To develop new design concepts into our products to provide new experiences
  • To provide a good value product for our players
  • To contribute in a positive way to the games industry


  • We are developing games with large audiences in mind
  • We strive to move design back to basics, looking at a wide variety of sources to find the next refinement or innovation in game design.
  • We observe the current markets and find methods to ensure our players are provided great value.
  • We work with outside contractors seeking talent, we spread knowledge through social media and collaborate wherever we can

Our Team

Lead Developer

Scott is a trained professional games developer. Currently working in the games industry for the last 3 years.

Meet Scott the lead developer. They received industry training at Staffordshire University for their degree in Games Development. They have worked in software and currently in the triple A games industry where they gained further skills to provide the knowledge to produce quality games. Scott is committed to the craft of great quality games, experiences, and value to players.

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Get in touch

For any public relation requests, journalists, investors please use our email address below to reach out. Please only reach out in a business sense through this email for any game related enquiries our social media is a much better (and faster way) to get a response and are linked below.

A press kit is available for download for any articles which features our upcoming games and the information for the company itself inside. It is recommended for any articles and contains high quality versions of our branding.